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About Hawl

The HAWL project, which stands for Hydrogen And Warehouse Logistics, aims to support the launch of the hydrogen fuel cell market for forklift trucks on European logistic hubs. Its purpose is to demonstrate the competitiveness, the technical maturity, and users' acceptance of the hydrogen fuel cell as a replacement for lead batteries.

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Air Liquide supplies a FM Logistic hub

Source : airliquideadvancedbusiness.com

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Air Liquide press kit: hydrogen, a clean and natural energy source

Source : airliquideadvancedbusiness.com

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Forklift trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells on the site of Neuville-aux-Bois (Loiret, France)

Source : fmlogistic.com

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Xavier Pontone

« Increased productivity thanks to a recharging time of 3 minutes compared to around 10 - 20 minutes to change a battery. »

Xavier Pontone, Managing Director of Air Liquide advanced Business

Ariane Dubois

« The main advantage of the hydrogen fuel cell forklift truck is that it is much more ergonomic than the standard battery solution, which makes my working-environment much more pleasant.  »

Ariane Dubois, Forklift truck operator who uses hydrogen technology

Andy Marsh

« With the hydrogen and fuel cell solutions, customers are enabled to increase productive and lower operational costs in a sustainably-conscious way. The technology is economically-viable and proven, today. »

Andy Marsh, Chairman of Hypulsion


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